WELCOME MESSAGE from Michael Costa

First and foremost I am gratified that you have chosen to become apart of the New Breed Racing family.

My vision for New Breed Racing is to ensure every team member has a commitment to excellence and the utmost empathy for the horse. Races are won long before race day and having complete clarity on this vision is the difference between winning and losing.

Australian Thoroughbred Racing is regarded as the “Sport of Kings” and my team is resolved to make your ownership experience a passport to all the glamour, excitement and fun racing has to offer.

In the sections below you will find everything you need to know about getting started with thoroughbred ownership at New Breed Racing. I hope that we can share in many wins together in the coming racing seasons and I look forward to meeting you personally soon.

Viewing Your Horse

On the first Sunday of every month the New Breed Racing stable is open for viewing.

On these days we also have guest appearances from leading jockeys and racing celebrities for autograph and photo opportunities.

If you would like to arrange an alternate time to view your horse, you can contact a member of our team at info@newbreedracing.com.au or use our website contact form.

Keeping You Informed

When your horse is in full training you will receive weekly email audio reports, photos, videos and track work comments.

Whilst your horse is out spelling you will receive a monthly update on your horses progression whilst in the paddock.

At New Breed Racing we are completely transparent in the information about your horse and want you to feel a part of the team in every decision we make.

You will also receive a fortnightly newsletter on stable information, horses to follow, interviews and racing news.

Stay Connected

Follow and share our social media pages to stay connected with New Breed Racing.

Facebook: facebook.com/newbreedracing

Instagram: @newbreedracing

Twitter: @newbreed_racing

Vimeo: vimeo.com/newbreedracing

Barrier Trials

Prior to your horses barrier trial you will receive an automated update on your horses barrier trial field.

You will then receive a audio update from New Breed Racing on how your horse will trial.

All owners are welcome to come and see their horse barrier trial.

Some racing clubs do restrict access to the racing stalls where the horse will be stabled.

The grandstands are always open to watch your horse trial live with Michael Costa or a stable representative.

You will also be able to get the jockey’s feed back post trial.

Post trial you will receive an update from New Breed Racing reviewing your horses’s trial, recovery and the plan moving forward.

Race Day Ticketing

Owners tickets can be collected at the owners ticketing office at the entrance of each race club.

The amount of tickets distributed by the racing club where your horse is competing depends on the number of owners in the individual horse.
In syndicates containing:
11-20 owners = 1 ticket per owner.
6-10 owners = 2 tickets per owner.
4-5 owners = 3 tickets per owner.
2-3 owners = 4 tickets per owner.

Additional Tickets
Each club also allows for you to purchase additional members tickets if you have extra guests attending. This can be arranged by calling the race club prior to the race day.

Transferring Owners Privileges
If you are listed as an owner and are unable to attend the race date in which your horse is racing, you are able to transfer your privileges to someone else. This can also be done by contacting the race club where your horse is racing.

All race clubs contact information can be found on the Racing NSW website.

All Race Day Needs

Meeting Point
Your horse will arrive on course approximately two hours prior to the race for Metropolitan race meetings and 90 minutes for Provincial meetings. 
Owners can meet Michael Costa and fellow owners one hour prior to scheduled race time at the race day horse stalls.

Pre Race
Prior to the race each owner is invited into the mounting yard to give the final instructions to the jockey.

Post Race
Post race each owner is invited into the owners bars for refreshments and viewing of the race replays.

All Other

All dress codes and hospitality needs can be found on each racing clubs website.

VIP Betting – 12% Bonus

Exclusive to the clients of New Breed Racing you can place a bet on your horse and when it wins you will receive a 12% bonus on top of your winnings.

When you deposit your first $500 you will also receive a free $500 bonus bet.

You will also have access to your very own VIP betting service provided by Steve Bedwell the VIP client manager at Luxbet.

To get started contact Steve Bedwell on 0478 321 653 and request the ‘New Breed Racing Owners Bonus’.

When Will My Horse Race? (2YO Racing)

As owners we get very excited to see our horses at the races after we have just purchased a share, especially when we start to see other 2yo horses racing.

The facts are thoroughbreds do not reach skeletal maturity until around 4-5 years of age. 

Young horses risk injury every time they are asked to gallop at high speeds.

There are great incentives to race horses as young 2yos in Australia but unfortunately as a result a lot of 2YO suffer injuries and are subsequently retired from racing.

 Each season we see around 18% of horses run as 2yos. Of this 18% there is a much higher risk that they will not return to race in the following season.

It is crucial that each horse is given the proper foundation of training to adapt to the pressures of training and racing. This foundation takes time and a lot of work.

 This approach guarantees less risk in injury and gives the horse the best chance of a long and prosperous racing career.

At New Breed Racing we treat every horse on its own merits and do everything possible to get your horse to the races as safely and early as possible.

Educational Video Series

We have developed and continue to build a range of short informative educational videos to give you a back stage pass to horse racing. The videos are designed to give you a better understanding on exactly what is happening with your horse and also information on all areas in racing.

The videos are sent out in our fortnightly emails and also can be found on our vimeo channel.: vimeo.com/newbreedracing

If there is something that you would like to learn about in racing please email us at info@newbreeedracing.com.au or use the website contact form.