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One of New Breed Racing’s core philosophies is that in order to maximise a racehorse’s potential we must liken the thoroughbred to a human athlete and treat each racehorse as an individual, elite ‘equine athlete’. The science of training and sports performance has evolved significantly over the past 20 years with research providing a greater understanding of the demands of racing on the thoroughbred and how to maximise racing performance.

Just as sports science has transformed all major “human” sporting codes New Breed Racing are at the forefront of applying cutting edge sports science principles and techniques to the training of thoroughbreds to maximise each horses racing potential.

New Breed Racing horses are monitored every second of every gallop with the latest in equine heart rate monitors and GPS speed systems. Our team customises individual training programmes for galloping at pre-determined speeds to predict each horses performance and help them to improve in the most effective manner. Only scientific training based on heart rate and lactate measurements offers the accuracy of gallop speeds and distances to reliably and safely develop an increase in muscle fitness.

Each individual horse also has daily evaluations, which are recorded and used to continually access their physiology, psychology, nutrition and performance so that their individual training programme can be fine-tuned to achieve optimal results.

At New Breed Racing we believe that applying the principles of equine sport science is a crucial and until now highly under-utilised technique in racehorse training in Australia. However, we also believe there is no substitute for attention to detail, true horsemanship and having the ability to listen to each individual thoroughbred.

Horses are very expressive in their actions and reactions to the world around them, often mirroring what they sense. We must create a bond and gain the trust of each individual horse through a positive environment and true horsemanship. We believe having a greater understanding of the individual horse builds the foundation to effectively leverage scientific techniques to allow us to make clear and considered decisions to optimise the horses performance, health and overall wellbeing.

New Breed Racing is standing at the threshold of the future of thoroughbred training. We believe following this training philosophy will achieve our vision of maximising the value of every thoroughbred that enters our stable and every client that partners with us.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Michael is a young up and coming trainer with an exceptional eye for a horse and the small things which, is extremely important. Michael and the New Breed team's communications with their owners are second to none.

Ray McDowell, President of Race Horse Owners Association

Our horse has gone from a non-winner to taking out his first race within three starts with New Breed Racing. This guy will be the next big thing in racing and I encourage everyone to jump on board now.

Mathew Taylor, Horse owner

The New Breed team have helped syndicate a range of our passed in horses from the sales giving our breeders another option for selling. Every horse we have sent to Michael returns to the stud for spelling in immaculate condition. Michael has a very high attention to detail and explains each horses idiosyncrasies to the finest detail.

Colleen Buchanan, Sefton Park Stud Owner